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Do you know who designed email? Or text messages? Or the postage stamp? Kristy Tillman is designing communications for Slack, and now you know about her. As the platform continues to upend everything from team structures to commute times to product delivery, Kristy’s background comes to the front — a former IDEO designer with a passion for financial literacy, her unique skills are changing the way we talk and work.


Kristy’s Bio:

Kristy Tillman currently serves as the Head of Communication Design at Slack. In this role, Kristy is leading a team who’s charged with the mission of building powerful tools and stories that enable millions of people to understand Slack’s mission and products.

Prior to Slack, Kristy was the Design Director at Society of Grownups, a Boston-based company whose goal is to democratize financial literacy. There she lead design teams dedicated to crafting exceptional experiences across both brand and product.

She also worked as a designer at IDEO, an award-winning global design consultancy where she helped solve design problems across a variety of industries including consumer product goods, finance, education, and healthcare.

She is an alumna of Florida A&M University.