Net Neutrality: What happens next?

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The FCC’s decision to eliminate Net Neutrality protections is a devastating blow to communities of color. This decision will increase costs, diminish diverse participation and make it extremely difficult to politically organize on the Internet. Creators, entrepreneurs, and consumers that depend on the Internet for information and market access will be severely impacted.

Full Color Future and our partners have drafted a petition asking Congress to reject the FCC’s decision and to reinstate the open Internet rules that have helped preserve this powerful tool for justice and progress.



We urge Congress to preserve an open Internet by overturning the Federal Communication Commission’s decision to end Net Neutrality protections. Net Neutrality and the open Internet has empowered communities of color with unprecedented new opportunities in self-expression, entrepreneurship, innovation, political participation, education, employment, housing, healthcare, racial justice, and many other vital human needs.

To put it simply, the open Internet has been the great equalizer that gives everyone a fair chance to participate. By gutting Net Neutrality rules, The Trump FCC has sent a clear message about their contempt for Internet freedom.

The elimination of Net Neutrality protections represents an imminent and unacceptable threat to the interests of communities of color. The FCC’s repeal of Net Neutrality serves only to perpetuate the institutional and structural discrimination that currently exists in this country. Access to an open Internet, free from gatekeepers and profit-driven censorship, is essential to ensuring that communities of color have a platform to tell their stories and engage in twenty-first century communications.

It is no secret that without the protection of Net Neutrality, communities of color will suffer. The open Internet is an onramp to success for minorities, allowing innovators space to design and sell new products without a manufacturing deal or content creators to tell diverse and vibrant stories without traditional, complicated broadcasting contracts. Not only does the open Internet level the playing field, but it is also a pathway into society with access to basic government benefits, higher education, and job applications.

We respectfully request that you reinstate vigorous Net Neutrality rules and preserve the 2015 Open Internet Order that empowered people of color to speak and be heard online.


Brian Woolfolk // Executive Director, Full Color Future
Daiquiri Ryan // Policy Fellow, Public Knowledge
Carmen Scurato // National Hispanic Media Coalition