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Digitally omnivorous Latinx audiences, tweeting before they can talk, connected to the teeth, sharing homespun content-as-conversation. They’re the marketer’s brass ring, the political operative’s target, the demographer’s dream. For Beatriz Acevedo, they’re the pulsating core of the Mitu audience. For America, they’re a living, breathing look at our future. Mitu’s breakneck push into original content is setting the pace for Hollywood studios and Silicon Valley start-ups. Who’s watching Mitu? Pretty soon: everyone else, too.


Beatriz’s Bio:

Beatriz Acevedo is a three-time Emmy Award winning producer and digital media pioneer with more than 20+ years experience creating content for major TV networks from the Food Network to Discovery to USA Network. Beatriz has dedicated her life’s work to creating opportunities for Latino youth in an effort to empower their voices, and to diversify and influence culturally relevant depictions of Latinos in media.


As the President and Founding Parter of mitú, Beatriz has the privilege of leading the next generation of storytellers and creators who are challenging the status quo through content rooted in their unique POV on the world. Beatriz is an incredibly passionate speaker and enjoys insightful discussions around diversity in the media, female empowerment and the future impact of multicultural youth on America.


Beatriz resides in Santa Monica, CA alongside husband, best friend, and mitú co-founder Doug Greiff. Both are proud parents to bicultural and bilingual twins.