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In a multidimensional fashion world, getting your look seen is important. What about your culture? Bethany Yellowtail’s line centers American Indian essence, cuts, and colors while making the product accessible — actually, straight up desirable, for a massive mainstream audience. Her business savvy has launched the B. Yellowtail name into runways and retailers at an incredible clip.


Bethany’s Bio:

Bethany Yellowtail 28 (Northern Cheyenne, Crow) is a fashion designer originally from the Crow reservation in Montana. She is the creator and CEO of B. Yellowtail, an indigenous clothing line, and the founder of the B. Yellowtail Collective  a brand initiative which sells and promotes handmade, heirloom quality jewelry, textiles and accessories crafted by carefully selected indigenous artists from all corners of North America.Bethany’s artistic vision and work is irremovable from her social justice vision for her community: not only does she provide employment for dozens of artists, she has plans to eventually bring a surge of economic development to Native country by moving her factories and design headquarters to remote reservation locations who have been plagued by poverty for the last few centuries, providing job and training opportunities in the fashion industry where none currently exist. In a world where indigenous images are often stolen and misappropriated, Bethany serves as an unapologetic arbiter of authenticity; a genuine voice who seeks to empower her people through design and representation.